New to Cloth diapers

Good for your baby

Cloth diapers are made from natural and absorbent fabrics which does not irritate your baby's skin and are convenient for the baby. They are designed to soak up wetness and help keep the baby dry until the next diaper change.


Cloth diapers are reusable and come in a wide range of varieties to fit the needs of your baby.
The cloth diapers can be worn with or without a waterproof cover. When more air circulation is needed, the diapers can be worn without covers.


The cloth diapers can be customized as per our needs :
    >  Stuffing more inserts which would increase absorption.
    >  Making the perfect fit for the baby with appropriate buttons.

Good for you

They’re cheaper! Cloth diapers cost more upfront but save you considerably in the long run.
They're machine washable! Cloth diapers can be washed in a machine with suitable detergents. (chooose detergents that do not irritate baby skin)
Cloth is much more convenient than a disposable that you never have to run out to the store in the middle of the night to buy more!