Overnight solution

Here are few night-time diapering solutions:

Add More Absorbency 

            Adding doublers or extra inserts to your overnight diapers can be an easy way to increase the absorbency of the diaper you already own. 

           Hemp and bamboo are both materials that can work well as a doubler. Both fabrics are tightly knit and very absorbent. You can layer these fibers on top of or behind a microfiber insert or cotton prefold (be sure not to put the microfiber right next to baby's skin). 

While microfiber terry is very absorbent, you may find that it wrings out easier. This means that it may not hold the moisture if your baby moves around a lot at night. Microfiber can also be harder to rinse clean. 

           If you plan to add extra inserts to pocket diapers, you may want to consider "sizing up". If the bulk pulls the elastic away from your baby's legs, you'll get leaking, no matter how much extra absorbency you add. 

Double up a Prefold 

           Multiple layers of cotton in the prefold make it a very absorbent diaper. An excellent solution for overnight diapering is to layer a preemie or infant prefold inside of a larger pre-fold. This adds more absorbency, without increasing the bulk too much. 

          While prefolds aren't waterproof on their own, you'll find that a wool cover will work great to contain leaks, and will also provide breathability that can reduce rashes. The air movement that wool allows will work to keep your baby cooler and more comfortable.  

Try a Fitted Diaper 

           Hemp and bamboo fitted diapers, combined with an extra insert, can also work well to keep your baby dry all night long. Hemp fitted diapers are a great option that offer lots of absorbency and a good fit. These should also be paired with a wool cover or a wrap. Some parents who don't like wool also suggest polar fleece covers, since they also offer breathability and keep moisture inside the diaper. 


Add a Stay-Dry Liner 

           Trying to get through the night without a diaper change? If you find your baby fussing partway through the night, they may be sensitive to their wet diaper. Adding a layer of raw silk or fleece between the absorbent material and your baby's bum will wick moisture away from your baby. This helps baby feel dry longer, so you can all get a bit more sleep.