Trumphet (100% Organic cotton) - Berry Dry

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Our diapers and Prefolds are made of 100% certified organic cotton, and there is no chemical treatment involved in printing the fabric as well as they are all natural dyes and completely safe to baby skin . There is no hidden PUL/TPU/ waterproof layers used as we designed our diapers to moms who love to use only cloth based options for baby skin and are more breathable and comfortable for days/nights /summer etc .

Berry Dry is a diaper for heavy wetters, comes with a long style insert with microfleece layer on top of the insert which gives stay dry feel for the baby skin. There is an additional booster insert in the middle to customize absorbency. This is an excellent diaper for Overnight usage if used along with a diaper cover.

Fabric used :

Outer layer 100% certified organic cotton
Inner layer - Buttery soft high quality micro fleece
Middle layer - high quality micro fleece

Berry Dry inserts have got 10 layers of thirsty fabric to have the most absorbency.

Fabric used -

Berry Dry - 100% certified organic cotton with ultra soft high quality micro fleece layer on top .

The fabric and the materials are entirely sourced in India and manufactured in India.