Overnight AIO - C804

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· Outer layer: waterproof and breathable PUL/Minky. It's convenient for mammy to carry baby while taking a walk or doing   chores.

· Inner layer: breathable and Stay Dry suede cloth. keeping your baby bottom dry and very comfortable.

· Sewn on insert: 2 layers microfiber + 1 layer suede cloth. That is sewn in insert will be not remove.



How to wash?

· Wash before first use. 

· Remove and rinse off the residuals (knock solids into toilet) before store in dry pail.

· Diaper is machine washable and dryable, water temperature under 30 °C. 

· Hang them up to dry in the sun (sunlight helps bleach the nappies to remove any remaining stains), or Dry in the dryer on medium high until the diapers are completely dry, then turn them inside out after 45-60 minutes.

· Do not store nappies for too many days, should be washed in 1-2 days;

· No bleach, no softener